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Emberly/ The Cupcake Reporters

Are you wondering who Emberly is?  Well, Emberly is Mrs. Muller’s grand daughter.  She was born on March 9th.  That was the due date.  Emberly weights 9.03 pounds.  Mrs. Muller’s daughter, the one who gave birth to Emberly is named Penny.  Mrs. Muller suggested that we give Emberly some advice for when she starts school.  We gave her advice like: work hard, watch out for the bullies, (but, it is not like anyone would want to hurt/tease cute, sweet little Emberly) never give up, don’t go in the wrong bathroom, and many others.  Emberly already has some brown hair and she has cute little blue eyes that sparkle in the light.  Emberly is adorable!!!Emberly

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