21 thoughts on “S.I.T.S. Ocean Habitats and Adaptations

  1. I love these photos but the best one are the ones with Mouaz in it. I wish we can do it next year !

  2. Our class learned about animals in Scientist in the school. What Some People Didn’t Know Was Salmon Have Teeth On There Tong. We also learned about the oceans. 1# Pacific Ocean 2# Atlantic 3# Indian Ocean 4# Arctic Ocean And the Antarctic Ocean.

  3. Hey. I remember that day we had sceintest in the school. I learned that when the otters were removed from west united states the kelp forest started disapering then sceintests reaised that sea urchinns ate all of the kelp and the otters ate the sea urchins by cracking them open with rocks they store in there armpits so scientests brought back otters from Canada and the kelp forest started to ree-a peer.

  4. I really,really,really,really liked S.I.T.S. It was my paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite stations were the pollition and the place were we got to hold fish.Also I thought what happened with the sea otters and the kelp forests was pretty cool!!
    bye for know,

  5. In one of these pic’s I am holding a dry sea cucumder that looked kind of weird it is brown at least when it is dryed. I also learned that sea horeses are the only male creatre to have babies 800 hundred babies.
    This is what I learned at scientist in the school .


  6. sea weed and chocolate milk have 1 thing in common they both have sea weed in them when i found out i was like O.M.G. We also ate dried sea weed(it was so gross). Oh i also got to hold a dead salmon head
    and a foll red snaper. i also learned that snails make the giant and little cong shells. We also made a giant kelp forest out of paper. So over all scientists in the class room.

  7. For scientist in the school, I learned that Japanese people painted fish &stuck the fish on to a paper for art. I wonder why through litter into the lake if they knew it would hurt the fish.

  8. I learned that hermit crabs are scavengers. So when an animal eats another animal, for example, a shark eats a something other, little peaces of animal fall down to the bottem of the ocean. That is what hermit crabs eat.

  9. I learned that in chocolate milk and ice cream that one ingredient is seaweed. my group and me ate seaweed ( which to me was gross ) and after me and my group all swallowed it, we got chocolate milk which made made that terrible taste go away!!!!!!!!!! Some of my group actually liked the seaweed and wanted more. Well I’m done. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. In scientist in the school, I learned that Japanese took fish painted them then took paper placed it on the fish then named the fish. When the find the fish with the same looks then they know what fish it is. they also used it for art.

  11. why is seaweed in chocolate milk why?I don’t know!You tell me.I at seaweed plane it was yummy the drank chocolate milk.Then she said sea weed is in chocolate.

  12. I learned that a salmon have spikes on there tongue to help them. We had to eat seaweed and chocolate milk and did you now that chocolate milk and ice cream have seaweed in it.

  13. did it feel gross touching the dead fish? was it gross eating seaweed and i guess the chocolate milk was good?

  14. I learned that in ice cream and milk one of the ingredients are seaweed.plus salmon have spikes on their tong so when they eat there food can not get out.

  15. I am an art education PhD student and I used a snapshot of this amazing project and blog post to talk to my students about documenting their classrooms. Thanks!

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