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Little Lost Bird


This sweet wee baby bird was found on the ground just outside of Victoria Road Animal Hospital.  The kind people who work at the clinic did their best to find it’s nest but unfortunately they were unsuccessful.  For a few days  they took great care of the little guy by giving him a box and towel nest and feeding him through a syringe every 30 minutes or so.  The team tried to find a refuge nearby to bring the starling to be nursed through his terrible ordeal and then to be released back to his natural environment.  Unfortunately every refuge is brimming with animals in need.  The closest facility that was able to take him in was an hour and a half away near Jarvis Ontario and the Great Lake Eerie!  Everyone was too busy at the clinic to take the bird and so Mrs. Muller offered to go.  It was quite a road trip for the little guy having to stop every 20 minutes or so to be fed.   He is now in the caring hands of the people at The Hobbitsee Wildlife Refuge.  We are hoping to hear about how is doing soon!

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