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Eco Artists

SIB Students Become Eco Artists at The Arboretum

Keshav   M reporter

”Get some sticks” said Imran and Pramotham from Mrs.Muller grade 4 class. Mrs.Muller’s  grade 4 class had become Eco Artists at the Arboretum center. Once they got there they got in to groups and off they went to their habitats.  They visited The Wetlands, The Woodlands, The Art Garden, and The Grasslands.  At each of these habitats the boys and girls explored the creatures that lived there.   For example students found snails, a leech, stink bugs, and a stickleback fish just to name a few.   In The Woodlands the Grade 4 students made art with the environment.  In conclusion it was a educational and exciting field trip!


The Three Homes


Wolfy’s Hideout

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