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Remembrance Day

These are some of the feelings, themes, and issues that this art conveys to us.  We’d love to hear your thoughts as well!  Please leave us a comment!

“This work of art makes me feel like we should never forget!  The theme that I see in this piece of art is heroism and bravery because there is a poppy on the art.”  By Sarah



“This work of art feels like peace and sadness. This work of art feels like hope and bravery. This work of art feels like Remembrance.” By Promothan


“When I look at this art I feel like everything is gone because of the background and war just ended. I look at this work of art and the themes are tragedy because of all the women, men, and animals dying in war. When I look at this work of art I think one day maybe a bomb will drop down in the fields and all the tall buildings will be gone.” By Allison


“This work of art makes me feel the sunset. This work of art makes me happy and remember that we have peace. The issue is that we need to remember to have peace.” By Sheri


These works of art shows me that there is still peace on earth because there are still poppies alive. I feel calm seeing this art and quiet and peaceful. The theme is remembrance to remember the soldiers who fought for us.” By Mouaz

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