Remembrance Day activities give us time to consider many important questions about life and the choices people make.

We read a story called “Faithful Elephants”.  We learned that war not only destroys the lives of humans but also those of animals.  Do you agree with what happened to the zoo animals?

Image result for faithful elephants

The Zoo Keeper feeds John poisoned potatoes.

Adding the final touches to our Remembrance Day Wreath

What do you think the elephants on our wreath represent?

Master Corporal Gaudet and the Grade 4 Students.

What was the most important thing you learned from our class discussion with Master Corporal Gaudet?

A sound recording of the final minute before and after WW1 ended.

The End of WW1

We worked with our Grade 1 Buddies to create a slideshow “Peace Is”.  It reminds us of the importance of peace and all the ways we can find peace everyday.

Peace Is