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Adventures of Holly!

I have the best classmates! See how full my cheeks are? MMMmmm delicious veggies!

Keira built me this incredible maze! It’s a boredom buster for sure!

Here I am taking a tour of my home addition!

I love when my classmates read to me! The Humphrey series are my fav!

Getting a little closer so I can hear Vincent’s excellent reading!



  1. Dear Mrs.Muller,
    I love how you wrote about the adventures of Holly!
    You got a great picture of Holly stuffing her cheeks!
    She’s so cute!
    I like how you wrote about Holly’s adventures in her shoes!
    It’s cool how you wrote it in Holly’s perspective!



    March 28, 2019 at 12:21 am

    Holly is soooooooo CUTE! ahhhhhhhhhh i cant take it let me touch her!

  3. fat little chubby man

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