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Emergency Preparedness

To find out more about how to prepare for or to prevent an emergency check out our blogs! #emergency



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Hamster Habitats and Pulleys!

During our science unit we built pulley systems as part of a hamster habitat.  Tell us what you learned about pulleys during this work!

Another 40 Book Reader!

Congrats Khiran!

Voracious Readers!

Reading is hard work and takes determination to accomplish what Bailey and Adiah have!  Both students have read MORE than 40 chapter books since the start of Grade 4!  Congratulations girls!  We can’t wait to see who will be next!


Scientists In School

What a great way to start our week back from March Break! Scientists in School helped us learn so much about pulleys and gears.  To see what we learned visit our blogs and read more!


We soared to new heights and faced our fears!  What a great physical education activity!  Thank you to Keira our photographer! 🙂

Our Great Canadian Mail Race Update!

Austin was second to receive mail from British Columbia!

Adventures of Holly!

I have the best classmates! See how full my cheeks are? MMMmmm delicious veggies!

Keira built me this incredible maze! It’s a boredom buster for sure!

Here I am taking a tour of my home addition!

I love when my classmates read to me! The Humphrey series are my fav!

Getting a little closer so I can hear Vincent’s excellent reading!


Bamboo A New Classmate

On our first day of school in 2019 our teacher had a gift for the class!

Lucky Vincent! His name was drawn from Mrs. Muller’s bag of names, so he had the exciting job of unwrapping the gift….. What could it possibly be???

A cuddly black and white panda bear!!! He’s not just any old panda bear either!

Bamboo is going to go home with each student in the class for a sleepover! The best part is that Bamboo is a WEBKINZ!


If you have not heard of a Webkinz you are in for a new adventure!  Bamboo is actually a virtual pet in Webkinz World that we adopted.  In this wonderful world we are able to take care of Bamboo and all of the other pets that Mrs. Muller’s previous classes have adopted.  There are fun games to play and EVEN educational games!  When Mrs Muller’s students bring Bamboo home they will also be writing an adventure chapter for Bamboo’s book “And Then It Happened”!  Stay tuned for the stories!  You will find them on our home page under the tab “Bamboo”.


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