Making A Wish for Our Planet Earth

Letting Our Seeds Go

Planting Milkweed Seeds

Our Garden in The Fall


This is our garden before we designed a butterfly habitat.  First we had to weed the garden. Then we researched the types of plants and butterflies that live in our area.  We had to find out the different flowers that butterflies need for food.

Then we added topsoil, sheep manure, and peat moss.

Next we used our shovels to dig it all up and get the garden ready for planting.

After that we decided on a plan for our garden. We had to consider which plants needed full sun or part shade as well as how much space each plant needed to grow properly.

Then we got busy DIGGING!  These are the plants that we added to the garden; Butterfly Bush, milkweed, Beard Tongue, Brown Eyed Susan, purple coneflower, pansies, sedum, Sweet William, wild aster, Queen Anne’s Lace, and wild daisies.  These plants will provide food, and shelter for the butterflies and other insects.  We also want to have a good impact on the earth.  Bees will also be able to gather nectar and make more honey for us to eat!

All good habitats need a source of water. So we added a birdbath!

The driftwood will help protect the space from humans!

Our finished garden! We will need to keep the ground watered and moist.

Next we added shelters for birds.

We added birdseed so that hopefully we will see the bird population grow. So far we have noticed that some of the birdseed has been eaten.

Finally only a few hours after the garden was finished we observed a monarch on the butterfly bush!