Autumn Art

IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3525 IMG_3526IMG_3546We recently went on an autumn walk and discovered inspiration in the beauty of the sights, sounds, and smells of fall.  The sky was bright and the air a bit nippy.  After we returned to school we created these wonderful masterpieces.  Next week we will be blogging about how to make your own works of art!

The Year of Billy Miller GRA


The Global Read Aloud We are so excited to begin The Global Read Aloud. We are reading “The Year of Billy Miller” by Kevin Henkes!


After reading Chapter One and gathering more information about who Billy is we made predictions about the story. Our predictions had to be based on something that has already happened in the book to support our ideas.


After finishing Part 1 “Teacher” we worked in groups to answer this question. “How did Billy’s relationship with Ms. Silver change from the beginning to the end of part 1. Use your own ideas and proof from the text to support your answer.”


We practised “Good Answers” by following the RAP outline. When everyone was finished we used green and blue dot stickers to mark where groups had their own ideas and proof from the text in their answers. Then we choose the answer we thought was the best!

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Emberly/ The Cupcake Reporters

Are you wondering who Emberly is?  Well, Emberly is Mrs. Muller’s grand daughter.  She was born on March 9th.  That was the due date.  Emberly weights 9.03 pounds.  Mrs. Muller’s daughter, the one who gave birth to Emberly is named Penny.  Mrs. Muller suggested that we give Emberly some advice for when she starts school.  We gave her advice like: work hard, watch out for the bullies, (but, it is not like anyone would want to hurt/tease cute, sweet little Emberly) never give up, don’t go in the wrong bathroom, and many others.  Emberly already has some brown hair and she has cute little blue eyes that sparkle in the light.  Emberly is adorable!!!Emberly

Tomato Plants/ The Cupcake Reporters

IMG_3288“I’m done Mrs. Muller.”  On April 31st our class replanted the tomato plants for Mother’s day presents.  Let us start at the beginning.   First, we traced and cut scrap booking paper to fit the sides of a cut milk carton.  Then with very shiny glue we glued the scrap booking paper onto the sides of the milk carton.  We painted one more layer on top of the scrap booking paper to make it extra shiny.  Then, we placed a tomato plant and soil in our decorated milk cartons.  Finally, we watered them and then placed them on the window ledge so, they could get some sun.  The Mother’s day crafts were a blast to make!

by The Cupcake Reporters: Anna and Kennedi
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A Special Visitor/ The Cupcake Reporters

IMG_3282Guess what happened on April 28th?!  The mayor Cam Gutherie came to our class!!  How cool is that?  He taught us the three stages of government.  The mayor is at the bottom but, they still are very important.  He makes sure that we have sidewalks, electricity, parks, theaters and many, many other things.  He taught us about what it is like to be mayor and some very interesting things about him.  Did you know that he is a drummer in a band called” Fitness Club Fiasco”.  Isn’t that awesome?  At the end he took a class selfie and posted it on this post.  Meeting with the mayor was awesome!

by: The Cupcake Reporters:  Kennedi and Anna



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Blogging Challenge for April 21st

When you visit the  Denton Dynamos  Blog you will be able to choose any of the student posts on the main page and read about their school.  Your job is to carefully think about the similarities and differences in comparison to Sir Isaac Brock.  Leave comments on at least 3 student Blogs.  Your comments need to include your thoughts on their school and tell them some things about Sir Isaac Brock as well.  You can also read many of the comments that these awesome bloggers already have!  Remember to leave the URL to your blog in your comments so that the Denton Dynamos might visit your blog as well.  Happy Blogging !