Mrs. Muller's Grade Four Class

We are a group of Grade 4 Students from Guelph Ontario Canada. We would love to connect with other students from around the world! Visit our blogs and please leave us questions or comments!

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The Great Mail Race

We bet you are wondering what a mail race is!  We wanted to find out more about other Grade 4 students and the land across Canada so we  decided to randomly send letters to schools all over the country.  From the Yukon, to Nunavut, to Newfoundland and Labrador our letters hope to land in the hands of unknown Canadian students!  First we researched elementary schools in each province and territory and then we began our letter writing.  In the end the first student who receives a letter back will win the race!  We can’t wait to see what happens!

We used Google Maps to search for schools in each province and territory in Canada.

Then we wrote a friendly letter to each of the schools.

Inside our letters we included information about our school, the community we live in, a class photo, and a page of questions that we hope the Grade 4 classes will respond to.

We mailed our letters at a nearby mailbox. It was quite a cold November day!

Although Canada Post is on rotating strikes we are hopeful that our letters will arrive safely and that they will be a wonderful surprise to the classes who receive them!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day activities give us time to consider many important questions about life and the choices people make.

We read a story called “Faithful Elephants”.  We learned that war not only destroys the lives of humans but also those of animals.  Do you agree with what happened to the zoo animals?

Image result for faithful elephants

The Zoo Keeper feeds John poisoned potatoes.

Adding the final touches to our Remembrance Day Wreath

What do you think the elephants on our wreath represent?

Master Corporal Gaudet and the Grade 4 Students.

What was the most important thing you learned from our class discussion with Master Corporal Gaudet?

A sound recording of the final minute before and after WW1 ended.

The End of WW1

We worked with our Grade 1 Buddies to create a slideshow “Peace Is”.  It reminds us of the importance of peace and all the ways we can find peace everyday.

Peace Is



Our EcoArtists Field Trip

To learn more about the DaVinci Program please visit our student blogs.

A Rainbow to Begin Our Day!

Tall Tree in the Woodlands

Male and Female Mallard Ducks in the Wetlands

Fall Tree

A Woodpecker in the Urban Gardens Habitat

A Squirrel in the Urban Gardens Habitat


Sustainable Art in the Woodlands

Leaf Prints

Peace Is

Kylie and Vaidharbhi reading “Peace Is”

We are working on a special Remembrance Day Project with our Grade 1 Buddies!  What is Peace to you?  Leave us a comment!

Making Inferences!

Cruciate rupture surgery was not easy for her…

“Someone please play with me!”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! What do you think might have happened just before this photo was taken?

Raising Monarchs

A week ago this guy was only a few millimeters long. The larvae grow so quickly!

Watching the monarch emerge from the chrysalis stage.

Releasing our first monarch!

It is an honour to have a moment to feel the monarch’s feet on our fingers!

One of our Monarchs emerged while we were working in our butterfly garden!

Video captured by Bailey


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